Grow Your Instagram Following Instantly

I own a small business, and I know advertising is vital to my growth, but I don’t have a hefty marketing budget to spend, so I took to the internet for help. What I found was shockingly simple, so I want to share how to gain Instagram followers fast because I think it’s a wonderful way to grow a small business. I started by doing a quick search for how to increase my Instagram following, and to my surprise, there was a site after site offering likes and followers for sale. I’m a DIY kinda gal, and I’ll admit to being sceptical. Who would want to shop at my store if I bought my followers?

My fears were eased by checking out a few of the websites selling Instagram likes and reading the reviews. I was unexpectedly finding satisfied customers more than unhappy ones. Intrigued, I delved further and began to develop an understanding of the service being offered. I focused my attention on companies that offered a basic package starting around $10 for 100-150 new followers. From the reviews I had read, the biggest challenge would be retaining those numbers after the initial increase. I didn’t want to spend my hard-earned money on a momentary boost that would taper off as quickly as it had appeared.

Next, I compared websites. Did their customers feel the investment was a prudent one? Did they gain new Instagram followers that stayed? I was also curious about how my prospective followers would be found. By tweaking the hashtags to be tailored to my small business and its purpose, I hoped to reduce the chance of randomly liking other Instagram accounts that I wouldn’t have if I had personally seen it. For instance, I was nervous of accidentally liking something tragic, or an automated reaction that would be embarrassing or rude. Again, my fears were calmed by taking the time to tailor my chosen automated actions to my target audience.

Keeping the new followers interested was easy. I simply had to check in regularly, visiting the Instagrams of my new followers. I wanted to make sure they were real people; bots have become easy to spot these days, and by following those who had actively updated pages, I was able to avoid the fake accounts. Organic growth by word of mouth will always be my best form of advertising, but after doing a bit of research and taking the time to input hashtags and auto-responses I have become a fan of this quick, easy, cheap way of expanding my customer base.

I’ve decided to keep this quick boost method of Instagram marketing in mind whenever I feel that my audience isn’t growing quite as fast as it could be. There’s an affordable, personalized package that’s right for anyone’s Instagram dreams, making this an intelligent choice for all who use this handy app for social marketing. Go ahead, see which sites offer likes and followers for sale, you’ll be glad you did.


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